Welcome to FunQ. We offer you the chance to experience the speed, adrenaline and fun factor only a true race car can offer. On various trackdays held on the most legendary circuits we're prepared to give to an unforgettable day. Always wanted to get a taste of the motorsport world? You can, here at FunQ.


Ginetta G50

Our Ginetta G50 is a well respected GT4 race car in the motorsport scene. Thanks to its lightweight chassis and semi-slick tires it's still reasonably accessible for less experienced drivers. We've done further modifications to the car to aid in the coaching process. Nevertheless, the G50 is more than capable of keeping the most extreme supercar in it's rear view mirror.


340 BHP

Max rpm

6450 Rpm

Kerb weight

1025 Kg

Ginetta G55 GT

The G55 is the modernized evolution of the G50. With a 35 Horsepower increase and an even lower kerb weight, the G55 is definitely more "hardcore". The added downforce and full slick tires make for a blisteringly quick experience. Even the most famous hypercars will have trouble keeping up with this thoroughbread race car.


370 BHP

Max Rpm

7250 Rpm

Kerb weight

975 Kg

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Experience what our cars are truly capable of in the hands of one of our experienced drivers. Once you've put on a helmet with HANS-device and strapped yourself into the passenger bucket seat with the 4 point racing harness, you're ready to go. 


During the entire day you will be coached by one of our experienced FunQ drivers. A couple of taxi laps and basic training on the simulator will prepare you for the real deal: Two sessions of half an hour each in the drivers seat of a real race car. Thanks to the intercom your FunQ coach will be able to communicate with you at all times. Under his guidance you will be able to unlock your true potential.


Get behind the wheel of one of our Ginetta GT4 race cars. Enjoy, during a 30 minute session, the thrills and exitement our thoroughbread race cars have to offer. disclaimer: only possible for those with relevant experience, your skills may be tested on a simulator before tackling the real deal.


FunQ has a professional 3D motion racing simulator. You will use it to sharpen your skills and get familiar with the circuit without having the face any real world concequences. During our trackdays the sim will be available for all FunQ guests

FunQ takes you to the nerve center of the race track: the pit-lane. As a FunQ guest you get full access to the entire pit-lane and paddock so you can experience the world of motorsport from the front row.  

At Premium trackdays hosted by Curbstone you experience all these sensations in a more exclusive context. There's an extensive all you can eat breakfast, diner and dessert. 


23 Maart @ Zolder



23 mei @ Spa-Francorchamps






Zondag 24/mrt Zolder Trackday
Donderdag 2/mei Mettet Trackday
Donderdag 23/mei Spa-Francorchamps Premium Trackday
Donderdag 6/jun Mettet Trackday
Woensdag 19/jun Spa-Francorchamps Premium Trackday
Woensdag 26/jun Zolder Trackday
Dinsdag 9/jul Spa-Francorchamps Premium Trackday
Woensdag 17/jul Zolder Trackday
Donderdag 1/aug Zandvoort Trackday
Zondag 4/aug Zolder Trackday
Woensdag 14/aug Spa-Francorchamps Premium Trackday
Woensdag 28/aug Zolder Trackday
Woensdag 11/sep Spa-Francorchamps Premium Trackday
Woensdag 18/sep Zolder Trackday
Woensdag 25/sep Paul Ricard Premium Trackday
Woensdag 9/okt Zolder Trackday
Donderdag 17/okt Mettet Trackday
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